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  • How it works ?

    We are referencing only the best products to meet your needs


    Smartthings, Sonos, Philips Hue, Nest, Logitech... etc.

    Use our free estimation tool to create your perfect smarthome

    Receive an e-mail with your estimate and the entire list of the products  needed

    Adjust your configuration, remove or add products

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    and enjoy the endless functionalities !

  • You set the rules, your home does the rest !

    We are referencing only the best products to meet your needs 

    Products functions

    Mostly based on SmartThings technology*

    • Home Security
    • Damage Detection
    • Lighting Automation
    • Switches control
    • Energy Saver
    • Doors and locks 
    • Motion Sensors

    Works all together

    There are no limits to your imagination and needs ! 


    You can add as many devices you want and customize your home with :

    • Sound systems
    • Thermostats
    • Tv's
    • Coffe machines...

    Smartthings App

    Certainly the easiest and most efficient way to control and monitor your home even when you are away !


    Download the App on :


    Set your own rules and let your home know what to do for exemple when : 

    • You go to sleep
    • The kids are home
    •  Having movie night...

    Download the App on :

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